Energy efficiency

What we can do for you

Warrant Hub is a consultancy with years of experience in the power industry and we can help you improve your company's energy efficiency.

You will always be looked after by the same member of our team, who will provide you with various services aimed at reducing your power costs.

To lower your energy bills, action is needed on two fronts:

  • by optimising the specific cost (through tax breaks on energy purchases and concessions on investments aimed at energy saving in companies) and  through careful monitoring of electricity, natural gas, and water bills;
  • by optimising energy consumption through, for example, energy diagnoses (also  known as energy audits), to identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

Who we cater for  

Business seeking to save money, by guiding them through  the paperwork involved in obtaining various tax facilities, such as the recovery of excise duties and concessions for energy-intensive companies and for businesses wanting to eliminate inefficiencies by optimising energy consumption (through energy diagnosis, careful examination of utilities bills, or an energy monitoring system).

You will always be looked after by the same member of our team, who will provide you with various services aimed at reducing your power costs

Energy efficiency services

Let's look at our wide range of services.

An energy diagnosis (energy audit)

Also referred to as an energy audit is a systematic and periodic assessment of the end-use of energy made by companies, organisations or buildings, with the aim of identifying any critical issues of a technical/handling nature in order to guarantee savings in energy costs, a lower environmental impact, and higher competitiveness.
Large and energy-intensive businesses are required to carry out an Energy Diagnosis every four years, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree n. 102/2014.

Business Intelligence Platform (BIP)  

This platform offers a set of skills and processes used for the analysis of large databases with the aim of transforming sets of numbers into strategic and easily usable information, taking into account your needs. Ease of reading and immediate understanding are the goals we strive for when constructing graphs to show trends in the most significant company variables.

Recovery of and exemption from excise duties

We can assist you in the preparation and submission of  the various applications and documents to recover excise duties, such as:

  • Recovery of excise duty paid for vehicles

According to the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree n. 504/95 and subsequent circulars issued by the Italian Customs and Excise authority, a 70% reduction in excise duty can be obtained on diesel fuel used by vehicles (approximately €0.43 per litre). In order to determine the concession due, the engines of work vehicles must be equipped with an rpm counter and a work time counter declared suitable by Italian Customs and Excise.

  • Carbon Tax

The reduced rate of excise duty on diesel fuel for vehicles (also known as the "Carbon Tax") allows recovery of a considerable part of the excise duty applied to diesel used for transporting goods and/or people through refunds consisting of offsets in tax returns or cash payments. Access to tax relief is therefore a key factor in reducing road transport operating costs.

  • Recovery of Excise Duties for Industrial Uses

Italian Legislative Decree n. 26 dated 2 February 2007 introduced an exemption from excise duty for energy products and electricity used directly in metallurgy processes and for the manufacture of metal products (Ateco 2007 code: 23), in the processing of non-metallic minerals (Ateco 2007 Code: 24) and electrolytic processes and for chemical reduction.

Concessions for Energy-Intensive Companies

Businesses with a high electricity usage that meet specific minimum requirements can access specific tax relief consisting of a significant discount on regulatory charges applied in their bills.

In order to qualify as an energy-intensive company, business must submit a specific application for inclusion in the register of energy-intensive companies every year.

Energy Management System (EMS)

Adopting an Energy Management System (EMS) is an important opportunity for any company. Thanks to the systematic approach we apply to define the relative objectives and goals, the Energy Policy to adopt, and the resources to use, we enable businesses to embark on a pathway of continuous energy improvement.

Energy Invoicing Validation (EIV) - dematerialisation and analysis of bills

Energy Invoicing Validation (EIV) is an online platform designed specifically to simplify management and analysis of electricity, natural gas, and water bills.

The aim is to help you carry out a fundamental, but complex and time-consuming activity, in four simple steps: Dematerialisation, Data Aggregation, Analysis and Verification, Reporting.

Concessions for investments in energy efficiency

Warrant Hub is at your disposal to help you identify the best solutions to finance energy efficiency work. We can guide you through the choice, to find the most profitable options, and accompany you along the procedure  to obtain funding and concessions, from pre-feasibility to project analysis, through to submission of the application and reporting.

How we do it

We acquire all the information about the company's energy consumption that could be helpful, we look out for opportunities to reduce the amount of energy consumed and/or the specific cost, and we advise on the best way to improve energy efficiency and/or recover the costs incurred for energy efficiency work.

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