Capital Goods

What we do for you

We assist companies in applying for and managing the 'Nuova Sabatini-Beni Strumentali' concession and in all subsequent reporting phases. As of today, the regulation provides for a concession management activity that lasts six years, during which it is essential to comply with all deadlines in order to avoid the total revocation of the concession obtained.

Who we cater for and what we offer

We cater for SMEs, based in Italy, with a service that can manage the application phase, the final accounting of the investment and the following requests for disbursement of the contribution, as well as the sending of notifications of changes as required by the regulations.

How we do it

The needs of our client companies are analysed through dedicated meetings in which needs are identified and work paths are proposed, sharing objectives, timeframes and methods.

The activity is carried out by a dedicated in-house team of proven experience.

To find out whether your company qualifies as an SME and is therefore eligible to access this service, read the 'SME Definition' page.