Guarantee funds for SMEs

The regulation

With the Guarantee Fund for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Professionals, the State wants to support economic initiatives by facilitating their access to credit.

The guarantee is a concession from the Ministry of Economic Development, which can only be activated upon loans granted by banks, either for normal business operations or for investments.

The guarantee can be issued for a maximum amount of EUR 2,500,000.00 and for a maximum percentage of 80% of the financing granted; these limits are per individual final beneficiary.

On the part of the financing guaranteed, the Bank may benefit from the so-called "zero weighting" (Ministerial Decree of 25 March 2009 - Bank of Italy Communication of 03 August 2009).

Who we cater for

We address credit institutions interested in outsourcing the management of the public guarantee.


The legislation has the characteristic criticalities of subsidised laws that are subject to constant updates, cumulability assessments, management within defined deadlines and the correct interpretation of regulatory passages.

How we do it

The diagram below represents the Warrant methodology, which has been consolidated for ten years in the sector and in collaboration with Credit Institutions.
The applied, customised methodology allows for the efficiency of activities, the reduction of operational risks and the certainty of guarantee effectiveness.

To find out whether your company qualifies as an SME and is therefore eligible to access this service, read the 'SME Definition' page.