Financial analysis

What we can do for you

We perform analyses to verify company performance as well as the correct use of Financial Sources and the costs thereof, in order to monitor and plan interventions in areas for improvement.

These analyses can also include the attribution of Rating, and comparison studies with Competitors or the reference Sector.

Who we cater for

We cater for all companies of any size in Italy.

Services in the Corporate Finance area

  • Analysis of final and provisional Financial Statements: preparation of the financial and performance related analysis of the latest approved Financial Statements and provisional Financial Statements, attributing Ratings and indentifying areas for improvement and useful actions.
  • Preparation and analysis of Forecasts: processing and analysis of prospective performance, financial and equity data with establishment of Ratings, verification of the impact of corporate strategies and specification of areas for improvement and useful actions.
  • Sector and Competitor analysis: studies comparing the financial and performance data of an individual company against that of their Competitors or their Sector.
  • Analysis by the Bank of Italy Credit Bureau: the analysis performed by the Credit Bureau is extremely useful to check for anomalies in reports by Lending Institutions, checking the status of guarantees given to the System (the Banks) by companies and/or business owners  and for changes in the business’s financial strategies.
  • Cost of Money analysis: comparison of the conditions offered by the various Lenders to allow companies to check the real cost of financial debt.

How we do it

In order to meet to real needs of companies, we take the following steps:

  1. analysis, through dedicated meetings, of the needs and expected results;
  2. proposals of work paths;
  3. discussion of objectives, timeframes and methods.

The activity is carried out by a team of Consultants with many years of proven and recognised experience in the field.

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