Our history


Foundation of Warrant Consulting. Advisory services on ordinary and concessional finance

In 1995 , Warrant Consulting was established in Correggio (Reggio Emilia) by founder and current managing director of Warrant Hub Fiorenzo Bellelli (chair of Warrant Group until November 2017). The mission of the family-run firm is to offer businesses advisory services on concessional and ordinary finance

2000 - 2005

Establishment of the Corporate Finance and Training divisions

Between 2000 and 2005, Warrant Consulting increased its staff, adding the corporate finance and internationalisation division to the already established concessional finance division. The new division provides businesses with consulting services, managing their dealings with banks and improving their company ratings, while the training division specialises in obtaining funding for training projects.

September 2005

Warrant Consulting becomes Warrant Group, which is operational across Italy

Warrant Group was established in September 2005 and operates across Italy and abroad, with a client portfolio containing around 500 businesses. 
It specialises in activities including sourcing non-repayable grants and soft loans for companies to support research and development, innovation, and internationalisation.

2006 - 2007

Flourishing partnership with Confindustria trade associations and banks. Research department was created.

Over the following two years (2006 and 2007), the company developed flourishing partnerships with accountancy firms, local branches of the Italian Confindustria trade association, banks, and the ANDAF (Italy's national association of administrative and financial directors).
Warrant has its own internal research department, whose job is to monitor regulatory changes and collect daily updates on all the information regarding new financing opportunities. The company's engineering division meanwhile, consists of a team of 10 engineers who examine the wealth of knowledge amassed by Italian university and technological centres, as well as the research centres and laboratories managed by the Italian Ministry of University Education and Research, in order to facilitate the application of the results of experimentation and studies of excellence within the production and manufacturing sector.


Foundation of European Funding Division. Advisory services on European loans for research and innovation projects. Opening of facility located in the Kilometro Rosso innovation hub. Acquisition of Multitecnica

In 2008, Warrant Group established the European Funding Division, with premises in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna) and Brussels, which offers advisory services for public and private entities on procedures and strategies regarding how to access and participate in funding programs for EU research and innovation (VII Framework Program). The facility based in the Kilometro Rosso (Bergamo's science and technology park) was opened and the company extended its headquarters by annexing the premises of Palazzo Grisendi, a historical building situated next to Palazzo degli Spagnoli in the town of Correggio. The staff of experts now amounts to around 150.
Warrant Group also acquired Multitecnica, a small consulting firm based in Piossasco (Turin) which specialises in subsidies for research & development.


Membership of APRE. Acquisition of Agre Corporate Advisors. MOXOFF created from partnership with MOX (Polytechnic University of Milan) Membership of AIRI and partner to Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper

During 2009, Warrant Group joined APRE (Agency for the Promotion of European Research) as a member of the Board of Directors. It acquired the company Agre Corporate Advisors Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai, India, which owns the Agré International brand; It then went on to become a consultant for ABI, the Italian Banking Association, in the special project which was originally called "Banks for Lisbon" and is now known as "Banks 2020".

In 2010 , the partnership between Warrant Group and MOX (the laboratory of the Department of Mathematics of Milan Polytechnic University) resulted in the creation of MOXOFF , whose job is to optimise and adapt mathematical, modelling, and statistical know-how, as well as experience from projects already completed by MOX, to clients' needs.X. 
Warrant Group became a member of the AIRI (Italian Association for Industrial Research) and partner to the Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper, working on a series of publications about concessional finance. 


Reputation as a one-stop advisory for global solutions supporting industrial development projects

In 2011, Warrant Group established itself as a one-stop advisory centre providing global solutions to support industrial development projects, assisting clients through its proven experience in research, development, and innovation, subsidised and corporate loans, internationalisation, technology transfer, and training. In the same year, it acquired a 15% share in FASI (Funding Aid Strategies Investments), an independent online periodical specialising in technical and professional economic issues. 

2012 - 2013

Growth through acquisition of Warrant Legal 231 and Warrant Energy

Over the next two years, important partnerships were consolidated with national banks such as Credem, Intesa San Paolo, and Monte Paschi Siena, as well as with 15 local branches of the Confindustria trade association, which offer the Warrant Group services to their members. Warrant Group expanded its consulting services through the introduction of the Warrant Legal 231 business area, for the adoption of organisation models that protect businesses from risks arising from the application of Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001, and with Warrant Energy, which is dedicated to energy audits and energy efficiency projects.


Membership of ASSORETIPMI and Italia Startup. Partner to the Italian stock exchange for the ELITE project

In 2014, Warrant Group became a key name for business networks and start-ups when it joined ASSORETIPMI and in Italia Startup. It also partnered the Italian stock exchange for the Elite project. A Warrant Group spin-off, Warrantraining S.r.l. was created to provide services including corporate training and sourcing loans to support training (in December 2017 Warrantraining became WTraining and left the group).


Establishment of Warrant Innovation Lab for technology innovation and company digitalisation. Foundation of beWarrant based in Brussels, offering EU fund-sourcing services for innovation projects

In 2015, Warrant Innovation Lab (WIL) was established, which is an accredited centre for innovation and technology transfer and belongs to the Rete Alta Tecnologia network, based in Emilia Romagna.

WIL deals with technology innovation and company digitalisation, helping clients to identify and implement the most suitable technologies to face the challenges of Industry 4.0.

Another company, beWarrant, was established in Brussels with the aim of providing companies with technical advice and coordination services during the implementation of technology innovation projects, while also offering services promoting ordinary and soft financing projects, including handling the related administrative procedures and paperwork.


Joint-venture with COSID SA resulting in the creation of Innovazione 2

In 2016 , a joint-venture was created with industrial development company COSIND SA. This union led to the creation of Innovazione2, based in Chiasso, which is Italy's leading name for large, nationally funded research, innovation, and industrial development projects.


Consolidation of the partnership with the Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale Fabbrica Intelligente association

In 2017, the partnership with the Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale Fabbrica Intelligente association was consolidated.  
Warrant Group supported Confindustria's IxI - Enterprises for Innovation Award, which recognises companies which have shown an ability to maintain or increase their competitive edge through all-round innovation.

November 2017

Assignment of 70% of its shares to Tecnoinvestimenti Group

In November, the Warrant Group shareholders sold 70% of their shares to Tecnoinvestimenti Group, which is listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange (the segment dedicated to the listing of medium and small capitalisation companies), thus becoming part of one of the main companies in the key markets. 
Tecnoinvestimenti operates nationally and throughout Europe, offering diversified, customisable services through three business units, namely Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management, and Sales & Marketing Solutions. 

November 2018

Tecnoinvestimenti became TINEXTA. Warrant Group converted into public limited company WARRANT HUB S.p.A.

In November 2018, Tecnoinvestimenti became TINEXTA.
Warrant Group was converted into a public limited company trading under the name Warrant Hub S.p.A.

April 2019

Through option agreement signed on 30 November, Tinexta share in Warrant Hub increased to 90.25%.

After an option agreement had been signed between Tinexta S.p.A. and the minority shareholders of Warrant Hub S.p.A. on 30 November 2017, in April 2019, options were taken up on a 20.25% share in Warrant Hub S.p.A.; Tinexta therefore became holder of 90.25% of the share capital of Warrant Hub.

January 2020

Warrant Hub acquires GDPR specialist Privacy Lab

On 27 January 2020, Warrant Hub S.p.A. acquired a 60% share in PrivacyLab S.r.l., a leading name in the sale of licences, consultancy services, training, and tools for managing GDPR compliance


November 2020

Warrant Hub acquired French company Euroquality and Bulgarian company Europroject

On 11 November 2020, Warrant Hub finalised its acquisition of French company Euroquality SAS and Bulgarian company Europroject OOD, both of which specialise in providing businesses with assistance to access European funds and financing for research and innovation projects.
The acquisition was part of a more extensive internationalisation process which Warrant Hub is undergoing, which prioritises countries (such as France) whose entrepreneurial structure and regulatory framework offer numerous similarities with the Italian market.

See the press release.

December 2020

Warrant Hub is proud to announce the establishment of Trix s.r.l. and the first cloud platform capable of running technological innovation checks for patents in seconds

On 17 December 2020, Warrant Hub announced the establishment of its subsidiary Trix S.r.l. The new company is the exclusive owner of the homonymous cloud platform, which is the first of its kind to be able to run practically instant checks on the level of technological innovation in patents, employing a combination of TRIZ systemic innovation methodology and research and analysis software built on artificial intelligence and big data.

Having contributed 70% of the capital in the new company, Warrant Hub is the majority shareholder. The remaining 30% is split equally between two other shareholders, namely Davide Russo and Giancarlo Facoetti. Appointed managing director of Trix Srl, Mr Russo is a tenured professor at the University of Bergamo (DIGIP) and holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering but, above all, he is an accepted authority on the design of methods and strategies for extracting information from patents. Facoetti is a software consultant specialising in web business and natural language processing systems; a Computer Engineering graduate, he has conducted academic research in the field of knowledge-based 3d modelling.


May 2021

20% of Studio Fieschi & soci at Warrant Hub

On May 25th, 2021, Warrant Hub announces the acquisition of a corporate shareholding equal to 20% of the share capital of “Studio Fieschi & Soci”. Innovative SME, based in Turin and Venice, with strategic, scientific and operational skills in all aspects related to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The agreement provides that upon the achievement of certain conditions, the acquisition of 100% of Studio Fieschi & soci by Warrant Hub may be completed. This agreement consolidates the strategic commitment of Warrant Hub towards the ecological transition of companies, addressed over the years with automatic subsidized finance tools, European calls and specialist advice on eco-innovation and green energy.

January 2022

Warrant Hub acquires of the 70% of the company Evalue Innovation, specialized in consulting to support innovation

Warrant Hub - Tinexta Group acquires of the 70% of the company Evalue Innovation, specialized in consulting to support innovation.

The agreement marks a new step in the process of internationalization, in line with the strategic guidelines announced. Moreover, the new acquisition strengthens the European vocation of Warrant Hub, already operating in Belgium, France and Bulgaria, enabling it to exploit the potential for both commercial development – especially with regard to opportunities related to European finance - and industrial development, establishing a virtuous exchange of know-how and best practices.

Read the press release.

March 2022

Warrant Hub acquires 100% of Enhancers

Warrant Hub acquires 100% of Enhancers, adding new technology components to its traditional consulting business.

Enhancers, based in Turin and Bologna, combines design and engineering activities, aimed at improving the user experience, with the delivery of digital products and, in particular, with the design of task-oriented digital systems (Digital Product Suite) and services for manufacturing companies on products based on Internet of Things (ioT) and Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Read the press release.

June 2022

Warrant Hub acquires Plannet and grows again in Digital Manufacturing with a view to Smart Industry 4.0

After the recent acquisition of Enhancers, aimed at strengthening the combination of design and engineering activities, with today's transaction Warrant Hub completes its service offering in the Digital Manufacturing area with Plannet's specialized skills aimed at optimizing supply chain control and planning processes.  

Plannet, based in Reggio Emilia, with twenty years in business, offers consultancy on process innovation and digitalization and operates through proprietary software products. 

August 2022

The share capital of Forvalue S.p.A. was transferred from Innolva S.p.A. to Warrant Hub S.p.A

The share capital of Forvalue S.p.A. was transferred from Innolva S.p.A. to Warrant Hub S.p.A..

Furthermore, in order to strengthen the strategic partnership currently in place between Tinexta and Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. by virtue of commercial agreements relating to the activity of Forvalue S.p.A., aimed at supporting Italian SMEs in their growth path, Intesa San Paolo has decided to invest 55.0 million euro in Warrant Hub, proceeds deriving from the sale to CRIF S.p.A. of its shareholding in Innolva.

Entry into Warrant Hub will take place through a capital increase following which Intesa Sanpaolo will hold a 12% share of the capital. The closing is expected for the month of November 2022.

Read the Press Release on Forvalue.

Read the Press Release on Intesa San Paolo.

1st February

Enhancers SpA, Plannet Srl, PrivacyLab Srl, Trix Srl and Warrant Innovation Lab Srl merged into Warrant Hub SpA

The subsidiaries Enhancers SpA, Plannet Srl, PrivacyLab Srl, Trix Srl and Warrant Innovation Lab Srl, merged into Warrant Hub SpA through a merger by incorporation, giving life to the Digital Area.


6th February 2023

Warrant Hub (Tinexta Group) becomes a shareholder of IFAB


Warrant Hub (Tinexta Group) becomes a shareholder of IFAB.

12th April 2023

Warrant Hub (Tinexta Group) enters the capital of Opstart

Warrant Hub (Tinexta Group) enters the capital of Opstart