Finance & Grants

We provide a wide range of advisory and consultancy services to support companies in finding, obtaining and utilising financial concessions, managing European projects through Euro-projects, and evaluating the most suitable financial instruments to support your growth, either as an alternative or in addition to subsidised financing.

We recognise that financing is a critical component for business success in an ever-changing world. Facing financial challenges and capitalising on available opportunities requires a thorough understanding of the complex financial dynamics and the various financing options available. In Warrant Hub, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to help businesses navigate this complex financial landscape and adopt an optimal financial strategy, fully leveraging the financial opportunities offered by Concessional Finance.

But what is Concessional Finance?

Concessional Finance is a term that encompasses all the financial and fiscal instruments made available by legislators to support businesses in their path of development and investment.

Objectives and Resources

Concessional Finance primarily aims to promote the economic development of our country. This translates into support for private expenditure in research, development, and innovation activities, the promotion of investments in capital and skills, the facilitation of export and internationalization processes, and, in general, the support of growth-driving factors for businesses. It should be noted that the broader and more general objectives of Concessional Finance are defined at the European level.

The distribution of funds takes place through a programming of direct and indirect calls. The former are managed by the Directorate-Generals of the European Commission, while the latter are organized in the individual National Operational Plans (NOPs) and Regional Operational Plans (ROPs) of the member countries and regions.

In addition to these instruments, contributions, concessional financing, guarantees, and incentives made available by the institutions of each country through Budget Laws or other legislative initiatives complement them.

For some years now, in Italy, the primary governmental plan for Concessional Finance is undoubtedly the National "Transition 4.0" Plan (formerly "Industry 4.0" and later "Enterprise 4.0"), introduced by the 2017 Budget Law and subsequently extended.

What do we do for you?

1) Finding and Using Concessions

Financial concessions can take many forms, from public grants to tax incentives and can be crucial for funding research, development, innovation or expansion projects. Our team of experts is here to guide you in seeking these opportunities, ensuring that your applications are submitted accurately and timely, thus maximising your chances of success.

2) European Project Design and Development

Access to European funding represents a significant opportunity for businesses. With our expertise in Europroject design, we will assist you in identifying and overseeing European projects, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and maximizing the available funding to achieve your ambitions.

3) Financial Instruments Evaluation Consulting

Every company is unique, and therefore, the ideal financial strategy can vary significantly from one case to another. We offer personalized consultancy to assist you in evaluating and selecting the most suitable financial instruments for your specific needs, whether it's subsidized financing, investments, loans, or other options. We work alongside you to develop a tailored financial strategy that supports your growth and success.

In addition, we provide a wide range of Corporate Finance services. We support entrepreneurial initiatives in the evaluation and management of critical financial aspects through detailed financial analysis, the creation of solid Business Plans, strategic corporate positioning consulting, and providing corporate guarantees to facilitate access to credit, whether it's investments in capital goods, the management of Early Warning programs with Financial Guidelines, or navigating SME Guarantee Funds, including ISMEA Guarantee.

We understand that the financial aspect is a central component for any business, large or small. Optimal management of investments, cash flows, and financial coverage is crucial to ensure sustainable growth and long-term success. Our team of experts is here to collaborate with you to find the best balance between investments and financial coverage, contributing to efficient and effective business management.

Through in-depth analysis, detailed financial assessments, and a results-oriented approach, we help you make informed financial decisions that support your business strategy and growth objectives.