Horizon Europe

Continuing with the policy to support innovation and research, the European Commission approved an earmarking of €100 billion for the 2021-2027 period to support and develop projects in this area.

Almost all the funds allocated will be assigned to Horizon Europe, a follow-on programme from Horizon 2020 which aims to consolidate its results and secure Europe a leading role in this major research and innovation field.

In particular, the programme addresses climate change, it supports the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and it promotes EU competitiveness and growth.

This is a long-term multi-year plan that will run from 2021 to 2027.

Objectives and resources

The project improves the collaboration and impact of research and innovation in the EU to address global challenges. It fosters the creation and dissemination of knowledge and technologies, creating jobs and stimulating economic growth.  

It also engages EU talent and optimises investment, promoting industrial competitiveness.

The programme is built on four pillars:

Excellent Science - €25 billion divided as follows:

  • €16.6 billion for research projects established and managed by researchers through the European Research Council;
  • €6.6 billion for student grants and exchange opportunities for researchers through Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions;
  • €2.4 billion for world-class, interconnected and integrated research infrastructures.

Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness - €53.5 billion

  • To support key technologies and solutions behind EU policies and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovative Europe - €13.6 billion divided as follows:

  • €10.6 billion to the European Council for Innovation with the aim of making Europe a leader in innovation
  • €3 billion to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology to promote integration between business, research, and education.

Widening Participation and Strenghtening the European Research Area (ERA) - €3.4 billion divided as follows:

  • €2.96 billion to widen participation and spread excellence
  • €0.44 billion to reform and strengthen the EU R&I system.

Features of Horizon Europe

Various innovations are envisaged in this project, including:

The creation of a European Innovation Council (EIC) with the task, among other things, of helping start-ups and highly innovative businesses to develop their ideas.

5 EU Missions aimed at achieving goals that have an impact on society and are relevant for a significant part of the European population. The 5 Missions include: adaptation to climate change, the fight against cancer, improving the health of oceans and soils and the development of environmentally sustainable smart cities. 

A new approach to European Partnerships to support agreed European policy goals. 

International Cooperation to jointly address global societal challenges, access the world's best talents, skills and resources and ultimately improve the supply and demand for innovative solutions. 

The integration of Open Science practices to improve the quality and efficiency of R&I and the active involvement of society.

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