Business plan

The Business Plan is a document drawn up on the basis of data provided by the client company that contains, in summary, the project idea, corporate structure, mission, market and competitor analysis, marketing strategies, organisational chart, investment plan, balance sheet development, income statement, cash flow statement and related ratios. A prospective rating can be included in the analysis.

What we can do for you

We elaborate the Business Plan containing the business idea, the project, the corporate structure, the company mission, the analysis of the target market and other information supplemented by the verification of the impact of investments and business strategies in economic-financial terms. The analysis can also be completed by the attribution of a prospective rating over the years processed.

Who we cater for

We address all companies of any size, based in Italy, interested in:

  • assessing the impacts of new strategies and investments;
  • elaborating a document that can 'summarise' and 'narrate' an entrepreneurial idea or their business.

The service

A Business Plan is a document based on the data provided by the client company, which will include the project idea, corporate structure, mission, market analysis, competitor analysis, marketing strategies, organizational chart, investment plan, development of the balance sheet, income statement, financial statement, and related ratios. It is possible to include the Prospective Rating in the analysis.

How we do it

The work is carried out by a team of consultants with many years of proven and recognised experience.

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