Consulting for innovation


Service Line Digital and Innovation by Warrant Hub promotes  technology  innovation in companies to increase their competitive edge, as well as their efficiency and flexibility, by identifying the most appropriate technology solutions to improve existing processes and develop new products and services.

What we can do for you

We offer innovation services as a partner for the conception, planning, and management of innovation projects.

We then accompany businesses through  the challenges of Industry 4.0, identifying and implementing the most appropriate technologies for their situation, guiding them towards the most applicable solutions.

Who we cater for

We cater for companies that want to increase their competitive edge, efficiency levels, and flexibility. We use the services of our various partners, including universities, research centres, banks, and consultancies.

Our services

We support innovation in companies through:

  • Expansion/Range of products/services
    This service supports clients wanting to review their portfolio of products and services in order to expand and diversify their supply with a view to both maintaining their market position and also joining new markets.
  • Technology intelligence
    This service assists clients by studying the feasibility of a project in functional, technical, and financial terms, on the basis of a rough preliminary idea,  involving potential providers of the selected skills and technologies. We also research and select potential sources of funding  accessible to the client.
  • Scouting
    The Scouting service involves  researching and selecting design ideas, technologies, methodologies, and know-how that can be applied as a practical, innovative solution to the company's technical requirements. The activity includes selecting and validating suppliers with the expertise  to design and develop ad hoc solutions tailored to the client's needs. 
  • Solution Development
    The solution development service includes the study of the design idea in order to meet the company's innovation needs and the subsequent coordination and technical management of the team of specialists for the development of the technology solution, which involves the following stages: design, experimentation, prototyping, and industrialisation.

How we do it

Using a transversal approach, we help companies integrate new technologies with those which are already in use and are well established within the organisation.

It is the only way to grow successfully within an Enterprise 4.0 world, and it can involve a transformation process which, in order to be successful, requires companies to change their outlook, shifting away from a circumscribed vision, limited to individual areas, towards a more transversal approach.
Looking beyond the individual actions, we help companies take a broader perspective on how to use and combine a set of increasingly intelligent and interconnected technologies, effectively integrating them with those already in place.