European funding

With an investment of approximately €1,000 billion for growth and employment, European funds are the main financial means by which the European Union strives for the economic and social integration of its member countries.

Direct funds are those managed by the European Commission and made up of intra-community programmes (which involve the member Countries of the Union and concern internal policies of European interest) and external cooperation programmes (which promote cooperation between member Countries and Countries outside the Union).

The European Commission also establishes programmes relating to various fields on the basis of the objectives it sets out to achieve.

These programmes are implemented through a system of calls for proposals, with which proponents are invited to submit proposals containing all the information necessary to participate in the selection of the projects. The projects must have a high innovative value and 'European added value', i.e. the solutions proposed must also be valid for other member States and contribute to achieving EU objectives.

What we can do for you

Warrant Hub can support you in your challenging and ambitious European research, development, or innovation projects, facilitating access to non-repayable European co-financing through dedicated programmes, such as Horizon Europe, Life and European Innovation Council.

Who we cater for

Through our many years of experience and qualified personnel, Warrant Hub supports companies and public and private organisations along the entire process of participating in a European project, from the preliminary orientation and positioning stages up to auditing the costs incurred over the course of research, development, and innovation activities. 

Our services

Here are the services with which we can assist you in your applications for direct European funds:

  • orientation and positioning: strategic consulting to identify  the company's current position and where the project idea stands  with respect to the priorities of the European current programming, such as Horizon2020 and Life, to help clients access the European programme in which they wish to participate.      
  • feasibility studies: specialist consulting dedicated to examining a project idea in more detail to assess whether it is eligible for upcoming calls.
  • preparation and presentation of project ideas (proposal writing). We help businesses convert a skill or a solution into a project backed by funding support. This means we give full support to map out the project idea for one of the calls open for 2020 European projects, to set up the international and interdisciplinary consortium required in order to participate, to draft the entire technical annex (scientific, administrative, and financial papers), and to submit project proposals.      
  • project management. We assist in the preparation of the paperwork required for the management of the proposal throughout the life of the project (according to the project framework), as well as the critical checkpoints and objectives. Budget planning, project implementation, and definition and monitoring of milestone achievement. We also handle the planning and organisation of the technical progress meetings and periodic reviews required by the EU.
  • project communication and dissemination: this consulting service dedicated to the study and preparation of a communication plan for the presentation and dissemination of the project results to society, stakeholders, and the scientific community, including defining the project identity, graphic design, web design, social media, events, and news, through to the organisation of training schools and training events designed ad hoc and with international reach.
  • administrative support. We can guide you through the preparation of the periodic financial progress report (requested by the EU) and the drafting of a consortium agreement and we can provide appropriate legal advice for any amendments that may become necessary during the life cycle of a project.
  • auditing: our service for the certification of costs incurred during the project, to guarantee they are in line with applicable regulations.

Put yourself in the hands of European design professionals and bring your ​​innovation idea to life.

How we do it

In each European Project we can play one of these three different roles

Accessing non-repayable European funding is not easy. Not all research and/or technology innovation projects manage to receive European funds.

Ensuring every aspect is looked after by trained professionals in a consultancy is  a proven way of increasing the chance of success for your project idea.

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