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An Energy Diagnosis, which is also referred to as an energy audit, is a systematic and periodic assessment of the end-use of energy made by companies, organisations or buildings, with the aim of identifying any critical issues of a technical/management nature in order to guarantee savings in energy costs, a lower environmental impact, and higher competitiveness. Tax breaks are therefore not the only aspects to bear in mind when endeavouring to curb spending on power, but a good energy diagnosis will help you improve energy costs.

Italian Legislative Decree n. 102/2014 establishes that, in order to be considered compliant, energy audits must be carried out by an energy management expert (EME) or by a UNI CEI 11352-certified ESCO.

Warrant Hub puts at a team of EMEs at your disposal, all certified according to UNI CEI 11339.

Who we cater for    

Parties required to comply

Italian Legislative Decree n. 102/2014 specifies certain parties that are required to prepare an energy diagnosis every four years, which must be performed in compliance with precise instructions set out in the legislation.

Who is required to comply?

Large Enterprises

This category refers to businesses which have met the following classification criteria for the two years running:

  • headcount (expressed as AWUs) above 250;
  • annual turnover over €50 million or annual balance sheet total over €43 million

Energy-intensive companies

Also known as high energy consuming companies, these are the enterprises that are included in the annual lists published by the CSEA (Italian energy and environmental services fund) and which, as a result of this status, benefit from a concession on regulatory charges.

Voluntary subscribers to the scheme

Energy Diagnoses are not only a legal requirement, they also offer significant benefits for businesses that choose to have them carried out. By systematically analysing end-uses of energy and carefully searching for critical issues and inefficiencies, an energy audit provides you with the tools you need to achieve significant energy saving goals and objectives to reduce climate-changing gas emissions.

How we do it 

The activities involved in the preparation of an Energy Diagnosis can be broken down into three stages:

Field Auditing

The first stage takes place at the plant undergoing the Audit.

On this occasion, past energy consumption data is collected and the energy balance of the site is reconstructed. At the same time, we will establish - working with you and according to your needs - the energy efficiency goals to be achieved through the Diagnosis.


The aim of this stage is to identify and quantify the opportunities for improving the energy efficiency of the system, by analysing and processing the data collected during the field auditing. These opportunities will be examined in relation to the goals and objectives defined in the first stage and analysed also in terms of cost effectiveness.

Final report

Finally, a meeting will be held at which the report will be presented and discussed, with particular reference to the results, operating methods, measures, and the specificities of the entire process will be summarised, and recommendations will be made to help clients' improve the energy efficiency of their system.

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