Energy Efficiency Credits

Pagina White Certificates

What are they?

White Certificates, or Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), are tradable securities that certify energy savings achieved in energy end-use.
The TEE system is an incentive mechanism based on a mandatory primary energy saving scheme.

Who it is addressed to

All entities wishing to achieve energy efficiency objectives through the implementation of interventions eligible for the White Certificates mechanism.

In fact, electricity distributors can fulfil the mandatory savings quota either by directly implementing energy efficiency projects eligible under the mechanism or by purchasing the certificates from other eligible parties, i.e. other distributors, certified ESCOs or public or private end-users who have appointed a certified Energy Management expert.

What does it finance?

Energy efficiency projects eligible for the mechanism are projects that have not yet been implemented and that are able to generate additional energy savings, i.e. greater than those achievable by the technological system taken as a reference point.

On the basis of the savings achieved through the implementation of the energy efficiency intervention, a certain amount of Certificates is recognised for the period established by the regulations for each type of project (from 3 to 10 years).

Voluntary and obliged parties exchange TEEs on the market platform managed by the GME or through bilateral negotiations.