ISO 50001 Certification

What we do for you

ISO 50001 is a voluntary standard offering organisations of all types and sizes a tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs through systematic energy management aimed at increasing the organisation's energy efficiency and easily integrated with other management systems (ISO 14001, ISO 9001).

The standard is based on the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act), aimed at 'continuous improvement', which starts with the planning of activities based on observation of the organisational context and the drafting of an energy policy, through the implementation of the plan, to its verification also by means of energy performance indicators (EnPI), and finally to any corrective action to be taken before starting the cycle again.

Warrant Hub puts at your disposal a team of experts capable of accompanying companies in the implementation of their Energy Management System (SGE) and the continuous and periodic monitoring of the organisation's energy performance in order to obtain and maintain ISO 50001 Certification.

Who we cater for

Companies that want to embark on a path of improvement in the field of energy and sustainability, in particular:

  • SMEs that need technical support for the control and management of energy use;
  • Energy- and gas-intensive companies where energy consumption is one of the main cost items;
  • Companies with other management systems already in place, for system improvement and integration and, in general, all organisations that can benefit from an Energy Management System.

How we do it

Warrant Hub is at your disposal to follow you through all the stages leading to obtaining and maintaining the ISO 50001 Certificate:

  • Implementation of the SGE in full compliance with the reference standard (including initial inspection, carrying out of the Initial Energy Analysis, formalisation of the Company Energy Policy, staff training, and other necessary activities)
  • Carrying out the first "Internal Audit" with the objective of verifying the conformity of the SGE with ISO 50001 and the Company Energy Policy as well as its effectiveness in implementation and maintenance
  • Support during "Third Party Audits": technical support during the inspection visits conducted by the Certifying Body in order to facilitate the verification activity of the implemented SGE.
  • Support for the annual maintenance of the Certificate