Skills & Training 4.0 / 5.0

Our Skills & Training 4.0 service proposition embraces the creation of training paths and knowledge sharing to generate and support innovation and digitalisation in a systematic way.

Training 4.0 Design

Our consultancy spans several key initiatives:

  • Construction of Training Services: We create tailor-made training programmes to meet your company's specific needs, ensuring that your employees acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital age.
  • Training Account: We optimise the use of your training budget, ensuring that every euro spent generates a significant impact on your employees' skills.
  • New Skills Fund: We simplify the process of accessing financial resources for skills development, allowing your company to access the funds needed for training.
  • Training 4.0 Tax Credit: We tackle the bureaucratic challenges for you, ensuring that every step of the process is managed precisely to maximise your benefit.


Our Academy is the key to talent acquisition and competence development. Through our online learning platform, we offer courses covering a wide range of topics, from digital to sustainability. We support your company in attracting promising talent and developing the skills needed to remain competitive in today's industry.

E-Learning platform on Digital and Sustainability issues

In our dedicated E-Learning platform, we offer access to specialised courses on crucial topics such as cyber security, sustainability, intellectual property, robotic systems programming and digital product management. These courses are designed to develop highly specific skills and prepare your company for the challenges of the digital future.