Training 4.0 Bonus

The Training 4.0 Bonus is a tax credit ranging from 30% to 70%, calculated on the cost of training for employees.
The incentive is designed to encourage the development of competences to support the process of digitalisation of companies in the direction outlined by the '4.0 paradigm'.

The bonus applies to expenses sustained until 2022 and can be used up to a maximum amount of EUR 300,000.

What we can do for you

  • We can support you in the preparation of the training project and the documents needed to access the benefit;
  • we analyse and prepare the necessary documentation to identify and report the costs incurred for 4.0 related training activities;
  • we provide the dossier of supporting documents necessary to use the Tax Credit for Enterprise 4.0 training costs;
  • where necessary and when requested, we commission a registered statutory auditor to certify the effectiveness of the expenses sustained, as required by law in order to use the tax break.

Who we cater for

We cater for companies resident in Italy, regardless of their legal status, industry, size, accounting system, and the system used to calculate taxable income.

How we do it

By providing you with a team of specialists who will guide you through the management and use of this complex incentive. Specifically:

  • a commercial consultant with specific expertise from Warrant Hub, who - after running an initial check to establish the possibility of accessing the related Training 4.0 Bonus - will coordinate further activities and be responsible for your satisfaction;
  • our Research Department, which investigates every aspect of the legislation and monitors all updates;
  • our experts, to support you in the preparation of documents, formal verifications, and to assist you in the entire process of managing and using the incentive.

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