Training Services Consulting

Warrant Hub analyses the client's corporate training needs in order to design bespoke services. 
The range of services is devised in particular to enable and fast-track innovation in client companies with  innovation plans in place.
The global service offered helps businesses build structures and vision for the future, devise their competition strategy, and interpret global trends. 


  • Create an advanced training service, which is consistent and synchronous  with companies' needs relating to specific technological innovation and digital transformation projects.
  • Offer companies customised solutions based on their real needs relating to developing and fast-tracking innovation and digitalisation processes. 
  • Introduce a monitoring system within companies that offers a continuous overview of the progress of the processes in place and is capable of readapting -  or remodelling if necessary - the services being provided based  on emerging needs.  

Advice and Skill Refreshment

Warrant Hub's client-centred approach means the service we provide is tailor made.
We have our own skills, experience, and content (Warrant Innovation Lab, our Industry 4.0 technology transfer centre, is just one example of this), which we leverage to become an innovation agent and enabler of change.
We guarantee responsibility and confidentiality in our dealings with  client companies, acting within a framework of mutual trust and continuity.
We use training to fast-track innovation within our client's companies.

What we can do for you

Warrant Hub focuses on companies and their needs for innovation and renewal, placing these aspects at the centre of its integrated consulting services (advice on strategy, operations, and training), and finding bespoke organisational and technology solutions which are thorough, systematic, and sustainable. 
To do this, the Warrant Hub training service:

  • supports companies in their digital transformation and innovation projects and promotes and accelerates their processes though  the growing skills of our company resources involved in innovation;
  • helps companies implement (construct and manage) training plans to accompany innovation projects and process digitalisation, concentrating on both the skills of the managerial staff and those of other levels of workers.

How we do it

Our tailor-made consulting service designs bespoke plans that make training the enabler of technologies.
Technical support content is designed and created in association  with Warrant Innovation Lab, our internal point of contact for scientific issues.

Contact us for more information on our training services consulting.