Training Account and New Skills Fund

Warrant Hub advices clients on how to access funds for training from the Training Account fund, through the Fondo Interprofessionale and Fondirigenti fund entities, and new measures.

New Skills Fund

The NSF was created as a tool to support businesses that decide to invest, following the Covid-19 emergency, in the training and reskilling of employees, in order to increase the level of human capital in the labour market and hence facilitate the gradual resumption of work.
It is a chance for businesses, from any industry and of any size, to agree on a temporary restructuring of working hours, without wage cuts, in order to spend part of the time on specific employee skills development and retraining programmes, without the companies incurring any costs as the training hours are fully financed.
The measure is aimed at private-sector employers who, by 30 June 2021, enter into company-based or local collective agreements with the relative social partners for the temporary restructuring of employee working hours (up to a maximum of 250 hours) according to the company's changing organisational and production needs, whereby part of the working time is converted into training activities intended to enhance workers' skills.

NSF reimburses costs sustained by the company, including social security and welfare contributions, for the work hours allocated for workers to attend skills development activities. ANPAL (Itay's National Agency for Active Labour Policies) determines the maximum amount to which the employer is entitled,  with separate specification of  the cost for training hours and the related social security and welfare contributions.
The subsidy is paid by INPS (the Italian national insurance institution) following submission of an application by ANPAL, with the amount disbursed in two instalments: a 70% advance followed by the remainder. 

Consulting and Management Service

What we can do for you

Warrant Hub helps businesses design a training plan and assists them in the paperwork relating to obtaining the aid, as there are  various requirements which must be met in order to apply for the fund. 
More specifically, applications must be accompanied by the company's collective agreement for restructuring, its detailed training plan (stating  the number of workers involved in the action and the number of work hours to be allocated to the training courses), as well as the demonstration that the company meets the requirements if it intends to provide the training internally.
Finally, the training courses must be completed within 90 days of approval of the application. The time limit is extended to 120 days if the application is submitted via one of the fund entities known in Italy as Fondi Interprofessionali

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Fondi Interprofessionali fund entities 

The Fondi Paritetici Interprofessionali, or FPI, are fund entities established (pursuant to Italian Law 388/2000) by the social partners (trade unions and employers) to promote  training activities for employed workers. These entities can receive an amount totalling 0.30% of the contributions paid to INPS and redistribute it among those who sign up with them.
By allocating 0.30% to a fund entity of this kind, the company has the guarantee that the amount paid can be returned to it (option guaranteed by Italian Law 845/1978) for use for training activities to  reskill its employees according to its corporate strategies.
Signing up with a fund entity does not involve any further costs for businesses and they can change their options or cancel their membership at any time.

The FPI fund entities fund the following:

  • Management and reporting
  • Design
  • Training  by internal and external staff
  • The instruments dedicated to organising the training
  • Coordination
  • Tutoring

Consulting and Management Service

What we can do for you

As part of its activities relating to the promotion and management of the Training Account  fund,  Warrant Hub assists its business clients by arranging training courses on innovation and digital transformation, to foster growth of the digital culture of organisations and their people.

How we do it

Here is the service we offer to assist companies in the management of their FPI-related needs:

  • Analysis and feasibility of the training plan. Specialist consulting dedicated to the analysis of needs, data collection and processing, and the feasibility assessment of the training plan in financial and structural terms;
  • Plan design and submission. We help companies prepare the trade union agreement and the project, and we assist them with the online and/or paper submission, as well as the monitoring and management of any additions and changes;
  • Monitoring and management. We provide support for uploading the project data and the records, as well as for monitoring and validating training activities.
  • Reporting. We can help businesses calculate their eligible expenses and prepare the self-certification needed in order to submit the report within the system following legal certification.

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