Digital transformation


Provide companies with advice and support to cope with the need to digitise any work process which are now essential for all companies wanting to take up the digital and technological innovation challenge.

This ranges from problems linked to connection and dialogue between the various  devices involved in the production cycle to the need to analyse the internet and social networks for marketing purposes; from the possibility of providing clients with a view (through appropriate mapping) of their own structure and the processes in place  to the ability to choose the right software or supplier for the client's needs in order to offer a complete project management service.

What we can do for you

Through a team of experts, we provide advice to deal with the problems raised by evolutions in production processes, such as, for example, the interconnection of equipment, optimisation of the production process, support for the decision-making process, the mapping of the company activity, and goal-orientated work planning.

All of this, of course,  is facilitated and speeded up by digitisation.

Who we cater for

We cater for companies that do not want to lose their competitive edge on the market due to inability to incorporate new technologies that are essentially linked to the digitisation process.

We use the services of our various partners, including Universities, research centres, banks, and consultancies.

Our services

We offer companies support for their digital transformation through:

  • Interconnection of equipment so that these devices are involved in the company's integrated data management.  
  • Optimisation of process management to support the need to DIGITISE existing data and information for better information management, such as for example, constantly monitoring data logs or being able to transfer data quickly from one place to another.
    There may be any kind of need, from reducing the costs of the process itself to increasing performance, from downsizing and retraining personnel to increasing the quality and quantity of information managed.
  • Decision-making support
    There is a need for access to structured information to allow  strategic business decisions to be made in an informed manner. Hence the necessity to add sources, data, to be able to cross-reference information, create reports and extracts, as well as to identify the structure of interfaces between different systems which are useful to businesses.
  • Process Mapping
    Business processes are mapped over three steps.  
    The first is dedicated to the macro definition of all the processes, with the relative inputs and outputs.  
    The second is dedicated to exploring  one or more key processes in greater depth, in order to identify all the phases thereof.  
    The third is to identify the critical issues, risks, and opportunities of each of the processes in Step 2.
  • Software Selection
    The SW selection service focuses on collecting all the information necessary to select the right supplier/software for any given need defined by the client. This is followed up by a series of meetings with both the client and the suppliers until the final decision is reached. The service could also be preparatory to an assignment tender.
  • Project Management/Facilitation
    The aim of this service is to manage a project with standard methodologies tailored to the real needs of both the project and the client. This mostly includes the need to:
    - plan work according to the objectives,
    - asses and plan the necessary resources,
    - identify and monitor for risks,
    - organise the work,
    - acquire the necessary human resources and materials,
    - measure project progress,
    - analyse the results obtained,
    - ensure quality management, 
    - handle and solve problems,
    - notify clients of the results obtained.

How we do it

By putting a team of specialists at your disposal to accompany you through the digital transition of all the company's activities, helping you tackle the challenges of Industry 4.0.

With our help you will be able to manage the connection between the various machines, to accurately map all business processes, find your way in the world of the web in order to increase decision-making and strategic skills, for a clearer  understanding of your situation, objectives, and business processes, and how to choose the right software to better manage product quality and solve problems.

An investment for the future of your company.