Corporate finance

What is corporate finance?

A business cannot exist without proper management of its performance in terms of profits and losses, assets and liabilities, which is vital during the stages of its establishment, growth, and consolidation, and/or investments.

Our corporate finance service can support business initiatives, in the process of assessing and managing financial matters and issues through analysis and appraisal techniques to support the decision-making process.

The goal is to identify the best balance between investments and financial coverage in order to achieve efficient and effective Business management.

What we can do for you

Warrant Hub has over ten years' experience under its belt, supporting companies, examining their plans and projects, and advising them on the best ways to maintain and/or improve profits and losses, assets and liabilities, and net worth (also in compliance with the measurement criteria imposed over the years by Basel).

You will always be looked after by the same member of our team, who will help you explore business strategies relating to both profit and loss performance and assets and liabilities and will be able to provide:

  1. Analysis of official and provisional Financial Statements with Ratings.
  2. Financial Forecasts and Business Plans with Ratings.
  3. Financial analyses of the Sector or Competitors.
  4. Credit Bureau analysis.
  5. Cost of money analysis. 
  6. Support in the management of public guarantees (national and supranational).
  7. Support in the management of subsidised loans. 
  8. Appraisal of use of financial sources.

The goal is to identify the best balance between investments and financial coverage in order to achieve efficient and effective business management.

Who we cater for

We cater for both SMEs and Large Enterprises, based in Italy, offering bespoke services to meet specific needs.

Corporate Finance consulting services  

The aim of our activity is to help businesses properly manage their corporate finance through analysis of the information included in their financial statements  and by providing forecasts for profits and losses, assets and liabilities, and net worth; this activity allows us to check recourse to and use of the correct Financial Sources in terms of duration, characteristics, and amount.

One integral activity for full and proper appraisal is the Bank of Italy Credit Bureau analysis,  which provides a detailed picture of bank debt, including past debt, and any guarantees issued to the "Credit System".

The "Cost of Money" analysis completes the overall reference framework, as it shows the actual rates applied by Lending Institutions to individual accounts and individual lines of Credit.

Warrant Hub S.p.A. also acts as partner to leading credit institutions for the management of public guarantees:

  • Guarantee Fund for SMEs (Italian Law n. 662/96 and subsequent amendments thereto)
  • ISMEA direct guarantee

The activities carried out by Warrant include: 

  • assessment of the company's eligibility for public guarantees,
  • management of the guarantee application,
  • management of all the steps following the public guarantee decision.

How we do it

Our Clients' needs are analysed through dedicated meetings at which their requirements are identified and lines of action are proposed, discussing objectives, schedules, and methods.

The activity is carried out by a team of Consultants with several years' proven experience in the field.