18 Giugno 2014

Really innovating takes time, resources, and specific knowledge.Often, companies do not have the right tools to find excellent partners and so risk missing out on strategic opportunities.WTT helps those in need of know-how meet the partners that are right for them, partners that are reliable and have proven themselves over years of experience.


WTT - Warrant Technology Transfer Area uses a systematic approach to underpin industrial innovation. It offersbusinesses an extensive knowledge and technology base, as well as the most advanced scientific methods to find effective solutions for their development projects.Innovation is a key opportunity for the Italian born-and-bred companies.

- it makes products and services more competitive

- it allows you to create new products/services to enter new markets and geographical areas

WTT, Warrant Group's technology division​​, looks after the practical side of promoting the technology transfer process.Through a network of companies, university departments, research centres (public and private), spin-offs and engineering companies, it handles intellectual property management and acts as facilitator and guarantor when bringing together the industry's needs and the responses offered by research.


Effective innovation is made possible by sharing knowledge via a contemporary concept known as "open innovation",i.e. not relying solely on in-house research but finding new solutions outside the corporate walls.WTTsupportscompanies in all technical, strategic, property, and organisational areas linked to the management and transfer of ideas/patents/ technologies, whether owned or acquired from the world of research.It accompanies businesses every step of the way, from establishing the company's technological potential to structuring relationships with public and private research institutions, from identifying soft concessional financing instruments to enhancing tangible and intangible intellectual capital.

  • Analysis & Strategy

Internal innovation auditing.

Intelligence (technology, business, state of work).

Technology rating.

  • Matching & Transfer

Scouting & Solution. Project Management

  • Valuation & Protection

IP Consulting. From Patent to Business.

Patent portfolio management

Analysis & Strategy

This activity allows us to objectively assess a company's ability to generate innovation and withstand the pressure of its industry.Technical and strategic analysis of a specific technology or product enables us to identify the invention trends in a particular technology field and position your assets effectively with respect to your competitors.Through market research, audits, and technology intelligence, WTT provides the company with a clear picture of its potential for innovation and helps it to implement its advances.

Matching & Transfer

WTT applies search and selection processes to ideas, technologies, methodologies, and know-how that can be “transferred” as a practical, innovative solution to the client's technical or production problems.It explores the major players in the world of scientific research and performs technology matching services, ensuring feasibility and both cost- and time-effective solutions.It selects the most effective responses and passes them on to the client company, accompanying them through the implementation phase with far-sighted project management activities.

Valuation & Protection

Proper intellectual property management is key.WTT assists the client by handling the technology rating, the economic and financial quantification, and the valuation of patents, trademarks or innovative projects.It works alongside the companies to protect technology-based ideas, enhancing them in the most ideal way for the relative market with an integrated business strategy in mind.



WTT's power lies in its in-depth knowledge and its familiarity with the two different worlds that meet within the technology transfer universe; on the one hand are the companies with which Warrant Group has worked for years and whose needs WTT can fully understand and interpret, on the other, the world of research, on which the WTT engineering department keeps its attention trained, in order to identify new technologies and innovations to offer the market.At WTT, technical skills are organised according to technology lines, with different experts in each area, coordinated by a management that interfaces with business customers and oversees operational management.

Program Manager


Unique computerised tools

The knowledge potential is further increased using highly advanced computerised tools and methods, employed by WTT experts and problem-solvers.To reference specialised international databases, Warrant Group has developed a unique semantic research tool called Sniffer; it is the only tool that can “understand” questions and link up concepts, even in different languages, in order to match up supply and demand the smart way.

The Network

The knowledge network multiplies the chances of success, creating a synergy of potential that combines the most disparate members.As well as the universities, research centres, and engineering companies, the partnership network that WTT uses also encompasses the client companies.That's because each businesses, as well as needing technologies and skills, can also offer its own services to other businesses, to create worthwhile projects based on national and international cooperation.

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