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16 Settembre 2010

The choice of the best financial strategy is one of the variables that most directly affects business performance.

With globalisation, the intensification of competition, the trend towards ever greater production specialisation in the markets, and the dramatic reduction of the life cycle of products, the "small is beautiful" business model (a one-time winner because of its flexibility and speed of adjustment to market changes) is no longer enough. As well as flexibility and speed of adjustment to the market, businesses need the undeniable production and economic advantages that come from reaching a more adequate "critical mass" and combining a global disposition with a local strategy.

For any company that wants to be competitive in the market, two aspects should not be overlooked: size and investments in R & D, and internationalisation. Two needs that can be addressed through growth, whether oriented internally or externally. The latter must be handled carefully so that it is assimilated well by the people and processes, but it undoubtedly has the advantage of being the fastest way to grow.

If the business has the financial capacity, it can make acquisitions; if it has the right strategy, vision and a strong brand on the market, it may also be able to attract external capital, such as, for example, involving a private equity fund in the project, to provide support to make new acquisitions. Another equally strategic way is to proceed by mergers. It is not true that two weak businesses together make an even weaker business; if restructured and well organised, they can create greater value.

Whatever the case, the firm has to invest. In research and development into new products and new markets, and it has to do so by raising capital. That is why, at this time in history, more than ever, financing becomes a strategic tool: companies need to talk to the banking system. But if until recently it was the banks that had to "woo" the companies - who simply had to provide their financial statements to obtain funding - the recession brought a radical turning point. In this new era, the banking system has become highly selective and cautious. To be able to interact in a way that is beneficial to both, a new language is needed that is totally different from the past, a language made of transparency, with clear communication of strategies. No more financial statements, business plans are required now. No more looking backwards, the future is what counts.

Warrant Group provides businesses with the most appropriate financial instruments for their development and is responsible for all the activities, which range from establishing corporate ratings in accordance with the Basel 2 standards to performing financial analysis, drafting business plans and budgets, and issuing certification manuals for management control process, from performing analyses of the industry and competitors to managing relations with the credit system for obtaining financial means to back the ordinary and extraordinary activities, and finally to supporting companies in merger & acquisitions operations, debt consolidation transfer and venture capital, as well as opening up the capital to new investors.

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